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As the 9th largest school district in the state of Ohio, the Hilliard City School District serves more than 15,500 students in grades K-12, through three high schools, three middle schools, two sixth-grade schools and 14 elementary schools.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 10, 2014

What ADHD Students Wish Their Teachers Knew

My selection this week outlines 17 of the most commonly experienced issues for students with ADHD.

What ADHD Students Wish Their Teachers Knew

How to Implement Blended Learning Version 2.0

Hilliard City Schools strives to enhance the PreK-12 learning experience for each student. We want our most important 'customers' to be engaged in school experiences that excite and challenge them individually. Ohio's New Learning Standards are the floor to learning expectations for HCSD students, not the ceiling. 

We will leverage our 1:1 initiative to transform the learning environment in every classroom: more personalized for students, less teacher-directed. District and building leaders will lead a shift in instructional culture. The infographic below shares compelling content for courageous districts who intend to expand blended learning opportunities for students.

The Right Questions, The Right Way

If you received this month’s Ed Leadership, you saw it was all about assessments which is very timely as we gear up for new state assessments next year and a district focus on creating high quality assessments. One of the articles available in this edition is about one form of assessing students: Questioning. The article titled “The Right Questions, The Right Way” focuses on the problems with how teachers have traditionally questioned students and ways to think about doing this differently in a more purposeful and effective way that benefits students. These new ways of questioning allow all students to be more engaged and give teachers more timely information on where students are at in their learning process.

Keep the Promise of Educational Technology

A group attended the SxSW education conference this week, bringing together educators and more across the globe. Among many breakout sessions and keynotes the themes focused on personalized learning and integrating technology. It was reaffirming to hear many trends in education that districts are striving to do, as we are already knee deep in many of their initiatives. Here is a link to a quick summary of the conference along with video highlights. One takeaway is that we can always continue to push and do better for our students, and doing that together makes for a better journey.

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