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As the 9th largest school district in the state of Ohio, the Hilliard City School District serves more than 15,500 students in grades K-12, through three high schools, three middle schools, two sixth-grade schools and 14 elementary schools.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 26, 2011

The Flipped Classroom Infographic

I have shared a couple pieces about the “flipped classroom” and how we need to start thinking differently about instructional structure in the traditional classroom.  Check out this interesting “infographic” about the history and development of the flipped classroom.  This isn’t the answer all of the time but could trigger some good discussion about instructional design and strategies.

The Flipped Classroom Infographic

Ten Reasons to Get Rid of Homework (and Five Alternatives)

Over the last few years, we've had many discussions about homework and how it should be structured.  In this article, Spencer, identifies ten reasons we should get rid of homework.  Many of theses reasons, if not all, are things we have identified as flaws in our homework practices.  However, Spencer, provides five alternatives to homework that may prompt some discussion in your buildings amongst your teachers.

Ten Reasons to Get Rid of Homework (and Five Alternatives)

Fallen High Flyers Don't Fall Far

The educational landscape in Ohio changed in an important way last week.  Teacher level value-added reports were released to 30% of the districts in Ohio.  Next year at this time, many Hilliard teachers will receive reports that measure their estimated effectiveness.  This fact is important for educators because of the political and professional implications.  In the coming years, at least 50% of the evaluation for teachers and principals will be based on the growth measure.  It is likely that informed parents and community members will seek to know the effectiveness ratings of teachers in their neighboring schools.  

As we deepen our personal understanding of the value-added growth measure that our state uses, we will need to examine our ability to show progress with every type of learner.  

In "Fallen High Flyers Don't Fall Far", the author comments on the recent study released by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute called Do High Flyers Maintain their Altitude?  Performance Trends for Top Students.

What the iPad (and Other Technology) Can’t Replace in Education  

“A recent article in The New York Times explains how after investing $33 million in technology, a school district in Arizona has seen almost no improvement in test scores.  It is no surprise that we as a society have a kind of blind faith that technology is able to solve all of our problems.  Yet while the iPad can and should replace textbooks, it can’t replace common sense.”

What is it that raises student achievement?  We have to be careful that we don’t confuse the “platform” for high quality instruction.  This article shares evidence that we can’t rely on technology to fix our educational dilemmas. Solutions must begin with an examination of instructional strategies that can connect students to the content. 

What the iPad (and Other Technology) Can't Replace in Education

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