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As the 9th largest school district in the state of Ohio, the Hilliard City School District serves more than 15,500 students in grades K-12, through three high schools, three middle schools, two sixth-grade schools and 14 elementary schools.

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 3, 2013

Creativity is the Secret Sauce in STEM

As the new school year begins, Hilliard City School administrators are considering how to implement the challenging district Continuous Improvement Plan for the benefit of their students. In particular, each leader is pondering the best way to create an 'innovation zone' in their school. 

Objective #3 of the CIP is 'Where' a World Class Education System occurs. It says, "Student learning will be enhanced through the creation of purposeful learning environments that promote innovative global experiences." We know that learning must be relevant, meaningful, and personalized to the individual student. The purposeful learning environments that we create in HCSD must cause students to develop the Habits of Mind, such a creating, imagining, and innovating.  Today's student must be proficient at solving unknown and difficult problems that arise daily in a global world. 

Forward-thinking educators enhance the creativity of their students. In the article "Creativity is the Secret Sauce", blogger Ainissa Ramirez says, "...the skills of the 21st century need us to create scholars that can link the unlinkable. These scholars must be willing to try many combinations before finding the right answer. They must be comfortable with concepts that they can play with in new ways." Lets all strive to create learning environments in our schools which develop creativity and other 21st century skills of tomorrow's leaders. 

Paying It Forward: Teachers Model a Passion for Learning

My selection this week serves as a great reminder to us all on why we chose to become educators.  It came through my email at that perfect moment when I needed that extra little boost to carry me through the week.  It describes the story of Dave, a student that we have all come across, one that is disengaged and uninterested in school.  A student that many teachers before Trevor Muir had given up on.  However, Trevor found a way to reach Dave and bring out his passions and his voice.  Something we have all done in our careers and what we hope to inspire our teachers to do on a daily basis with their students.

This paying it forward approach is best summed up by the following: "The best teachers are themselves hungry to learn as adults -- eager to find ways to reach "difficult" students, creating projects that motivate and engage, finding ways to coax the hidden talents out of each student, making learning real and relevant. Perhaps this is the best way to pay it forward."

Be sure to check out the video of Trevor telling Dave's story at Coming Alive at 14

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