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As the 9th largest school district in the state of Ohio, the Hilliard City School District serves more than 15,500 students in grades K-12, through three high schools, three middle schools, two sixth-grade schools and 14 elementary schools.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 13, 2014

2013 Big Ideas in Education

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the plethora of information available for educators? This article is a summary of key issues from 2013. In addition to being a great summary of key ideas, it also references some additional articles you may wish to pass along to staff members. I hope enjoy the year in review, and have an opportunity reflect upon all we have accomplished as a district! Great article for keeping the key issues in the forefront of our minds!

The Selling of Attention Deficit Disorder

Putting an emphasis on equipping students with learning strategies for the classroom is the best way to support students who struggle with attention and organizational skills to ensure life-long success.

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